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  • Technology : Android Native (Java), PHP, MySQL
  • App code share ? : No
  • What's Included : Backend and database on your server, apk file, aab file

Sara999 is the most feature rich application availale in market for indian lottery game called satta matka
Sara999 have dynamic lottery system which also called matka markets while some popular names are Sridevi, Milan morning, Kalyan etc, You can add as many markets as you want from admin panel

How Matka Works - Matka is 8 digit game which grouped in 4 four parts, Makta result numbers look like 123-45-678 from which first three digits(123) called open pana or open panna fourth digit(4) called open single or open digit fifth number(5) called close single or close digit, and last three digits(678) called close pana or close panna, and open single(4) and close single(5) combined called jodi, first four digits(123-4) revealed at first and after few hours last four digits(5-678) will revealed to show full result of that market, if a pana or panna contains 3 similar numbers it will be called triple pana, if contains two similar numbers it will called double pana, and if no similar number then it will be called single pana, and if you sum open pana's three digits then you will get open single number similaraly if you sum close pana three digits you will get close single, There are 220 total panas, 10 total singles, and 100 total jodi
You can play follow games in matka based on these numbers
123 - Single pana Open, double pana Open, triple pana Open
4 - Single Open
5 - Single Close
45 - Jodi
678 - Single pana Close, double pana Close, triple pana Close
123-5 - Half Sangam
4-678 - Half Sangam
123-678 - Full Sangam
All other games available in application to bet on these games in different group

Features :-
* Dynamic Market system, you can add as many markets you wanted
* Set timinng for markets differrent for different days
* 22 Games (Heighst available in market) to target every set of customers
* UPI Deposit system (more gateways can be integered on request)
* Powerfull history systems for bids and transactions
* Passbook
* Starline Game available
* 2 Digit gali disawar like game available
* Easy interface for play so user don't need a tutorial to play
* Dynamic pages for information
* Controllable from admin panel
* Login with OTP directly
* Deposit Withdraw history seprate from all transactions
* Date filter for bids and transactions
* Responsive admin panel can be controlled from mobile entirly
* Powerful reports system to forward your bids further, check reports markets wise annd user wise
* Edit bid option in admin panel
* Revert result
* Block user option
* Disable play option for specific user from admin panel
* Many more features check demo for full details

You can contact our sales team on whatsapp or mail if you have any query or want any customization in script, Our whatsapp support number is +1(213) 772-0779 and you can mail us on [email protected]

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